Wedding Hair Help!

Hi sweet friends! As our wedding is quickly approaching, I am now making last minute decisions of things I just simply haven't even really made my mind up on! So, last week I did a bridal portrait shoot. It was something that I decided to do after rebooking a new photographer. ย It was either that [...]


Our Couples Shower

Our Couples Shower

Ahh a wedding event! This was just the beginning of showers. A couples shower was something I wanted more than anything particularly for Nathan. I wanted him to have something that included him and his friends. You always see a ton of bridal showers for the bride and I feel bad for the grooms because [...]

Wedding Cake Ideas

One thing I have been struggling with a ton is our wedding cake. I love so many different designs of cake but honestly, it is one of my least concerns. I am not a huge cake person, unless it is the chocolate cake from Costco!! Y'all that cake is to die for... the different layers [...]