Body Positivity – Boudoir Photos

As a human the one thing we all really struggle with is body positivity. No matter what state we are in, we will always look at someone else in person or online and say “I wish I looked like that”. It’s such a terrible way to be and I hate that I can’t be thankful for what God has given me. I hate that I truly took advantage when I was younger and when I was actually thinner than ever but still complained about how I looked. It seems like there’s never a good in between.

When it came time for me to think of a wedding present for Nathan I always said I wanted to do boudoir photos but didn’t feel confident enough to do them because of the way my body looked. I gained weight the year before and just didn’t feel too positive to do anything like this. Well, something in my head just told me to do it.

I reached out to one of my favorite ladies Amanda about doing these photos for me. We worked together previously and I always loved the way our photos came out plus I was so comfortable with her and thought she would do an amazing job.

Amanda at that point had never done any boudoir photos but she was so excited to do them for me! We did them at a studio in Ball Ground, GA where I had been before working weddings. They use it as a bridal getting ready area and for styled shoots. It was the perfect space for us!

The day of the shoot I was nervous but so excited. I trusted Amanda to do a great job and make me feel good about myself. Within a few shots in I was way more comfortable than I thought I would be and after seeing a little preview on her camera, I was excited to keep shooting. It’s amazing how in the moment you feel totally different and don’t think about all the things you originally were worried about.

At the end of our shoot I was just so excited to see the final outcome of the photos. It felt like such a long wait but I knew it would be worth it. When the photos came in from Amanda a few weeks later, I was in love. I was amazed at the way I not only looked but how confident I could tell I felt. When I did these photos I wanted them to just be pretty. I didn’t want anything overly sexy because that is totalllyyy not me lol. Pretty was good and that’s exactly how they turned out.

I was more than excited to put a book of the photos together for Nathan. I used Shutterfly to put the book together and it was more than perfect. When it came in the mail I was so excited to see the physical copy and give it to Nathan but had to wait a while until the wedding day.

When the wedding day came I decided I was going to wait until that night to give it to Nathan. Again, the story I need to tell about after the wedding will come soon lol but when getting to our hotel room I was sooo nervous to hand over the book to Nathan. When I gave it to him he was just so surprised because he had NO idea I even did the shoot. Woohoo that was a success for me! I wanted it to be a surprise for him and i’m glad I could pull it off. He loved the photos and he was so proud of me for doing them. He’s the sweetest guy I could ever ask for and glad he loved his wedding gift.

At the end of all this, I just want to remind everyone to stay positive and not be so hard on yourself for how you feel or think you look. It’s amazing at what our minds can do to ourselves and all the games it plays. Constantly be confident in what God gave you. I was so happy that something as simple as these photos could make me realize that I was proud to be in the skin I am in and I FELT truly beautiful.

I have attached a few photos from the shoot. They are ones that can be shown lol

Thank you Amanda for making me feel so beautiful and for the amazing photos!









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