Wedding Hair Help!

Hi sweet friends!

As our wedding is quickly approaching, I am now making last minute decisions of things I just simply haven’t even really made my mind up on! So, last week I did a bridal portrait shoot. It was something that I decided to do after rebooking a new photographer.  It was either that or another engagement session. I thought why not do something different? It gave me a chance to get all dolled up in everything I’ll be wearing for our wedding day! The biggest thing I am struggling with is my hair.. do I go up or down?!

I think I am having a hard time because I just want to be totally myself. I am always a hair down kind of gal and pull some back with a poof to add a little something. But, I just also love the classic updo look and I’m stuck trying to figure out what I want to do! So, this is what you’re here for… help!

Below are photos of my hair that we did for a trial for the shoot. I guess I really just need to wait and see photos from the shoot and then decide based on how the photos came out. Mind you, it was 30 degrees out when we did the shoot. That’s what happens when you’re a busy gal with no other spare time hehe

My hair would be something to this degree for the wedding day. I’m all about my braids!


Now, below are photos of how I did my hair for my bosses wedding the next day. (Will be doing a post on her wedding because #goals)


I am stuck between both hair styles because they’re both just so great. What are you guys thinking?!

What did you do for your wedding day? Classic up and out of your face or down and more like you? I want all the opinions on what worked best and was the most functional.

Happy Friday friends!


7 thoughts on “Wedding Hair Help!

  1. Tough choice, I love both hairstyles and had the same dilemma choosing!
    I had always envisioned myself with a half-up-half-down hairdo similar to the one you did for your boss’s wedding, just because I almost always wear my hair down on a day-to-day basis so it seemed more “me”, but I ended up wearing it up on my wedding day. I feel like I made the right choice because it ended up being a pretty windy day. My bridesmaids had their hair down and their hair was blowing all over the place, but since mine was up, it was completely fine. Obviously not the only thing to consider when choosing your hairstyle, but just something to think about 🙂
    Good luck! I’m sure whatever you choose, it will be gorgeous!

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  2. I chose an up-do for my wedding. I wanted to feel special on my wedding day, and since I normally wear my hair down, doing something different and out of the ordinary made me feel like that. I think if I had worn my hair down, it wouldn’t have made me feel like a bride since I wear it down and in loose curls so often already.


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