Our Couples Shower

Ahh a wedding event! This was just the beginning of showers. A couples shower was something I wanted more than anything particularly for Nathan. I wanted him to have something that included him and his friends. You always see a ton of bridal showers for the bride and I feel bad for the grooms because there’s really never anything special for them! So this was something I felt was important for us to have so Nathan could celebrate with his friends.

My two bridesmaids Sarah and Kendall came together to throw us this little shower that was just perfect for the two of us. We had the most important and special people there with us. It felt so nice doing something with our friends! When you have such a long engagement, everything feels so dragged out and I think that’s the hardest part about being someone who plans everything and gets things done quickly and then you’re just patiently waiting for the next thing to come along.

I’m really upset I didn’t get more photos of everything Sarah and Kendall did! When you’re so in the moment of everything and chatting with everyone there, you forget to do the little things. So, I have gathered some of the (not so great quality) photos I have with my favorite people! I wish I had photos with every single person that was there.

I’m so thankful for Kendall and Sarah for bringing this together. They did a great job making it just so perfect and exactly what we wanted. The food y’all… SO good. They made some really awesome soups. It was a cold and rainy day so these food options were just perfect. We had a bunch of other finger foods and snacks. Most importantly, the cake… Holy moly Kendall did an amazing job with this cake. I honestly don’t even know what kind of cake it was but it had some coconut in it and wow was it good.

We can’t wait as these months go by to be able to see more things like this unfold and for on our wedding day to be surrounded by so many people we genuinely love. Oh how I love, LOVE!

I wanted to go ahead and link where my dress is from. Jessa Kae has become one of my favorite sites for purchasing dresses. She has the prettiest florals and they’re so comfortable too. I’ve fallen in love with so many pieces and cant wait to share another one I have that I will be wearing for our company Christmas party! Here is the dress that I wore for the couples shower. It was so perfect for the shower and you may have seen it in another post before to ;). You can use my code allthingsblair10 at check out for a discount!

















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