Our Fall Shoot

The one thing that I have always felt that is really important to me is getting photos done. For someone that has a love for photography, I just want to document so many moments. For Nathan and I, this is one thing that we both love doing. Despite how busy we are, we will find a time to book a session with someone and get some photos done.

This time of year is crazy busy for me but we were going to make it work.. even if it means driving two hours to get it done. That’s exactly what we did! Our videographer for our wedding posted that they were doing mini holiday sessions and we were able to book a session with him for an early Saturday morning. It was definitely a drive but something that was good for Nathan and I. It’s hard in these busy seasons of life to be able to just sit and enjoy time together. Even if it means sitting in a car.

This morning in particular it was easily 30 degrees out and going to the mountains makes it seem colder than that. I had layers on layers of clothes to keep me warm during our session which ultimately made me look like a potato haha! Just kidding, but I had to stay warm somehow!

We loved the locations that Marcus and his sweet girlfriend Emily took us to. It was so fun going somewhere new that neither Nathan and I had been before.

Thank you Marcus and Emily for your dedicated time with Nathan and I! We are so exited to have them document our wedding day!

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