We’re All Registered!

You know how in movies where engaged couples go to Macy’s and take the scanner to everything in the store as if they’re playing a shooting game? Well that’s what I thought registering for our home items would be like. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case!

Nathan and I have been working together on our registries and getting together all the things we will want/need for our home. I will say that this has been the most fun part of planning our lives. Who knew kitchen items and home decor could make your heart so happy?

The main goal for our home and look is modern and simple. I admire those who have the clean and simple look in their home. Over the last few months I have found myself just purging things in my room. I have been organizing like crazy and getting rid of things I don’t need. I could see myself being a minimalist…..minus the clothes side of it…. But really, it’s so much easier to stay clean and organized when you don’t have a bunch of junk. Last night Nathan and I talked about how clean we were going to keep everything after admiring how spotless our friends apartment was.

So what have we registered for? Well, anything we thought would be necessary for our home! We have a ton of white and navy blue as the accent color. Lot’s of grays, whites, blues and neutral colors. I’ve been loving navy blue and it’s so timeless. Same thing with keeping all of our dishes and everything white as well. You just can’t go wrong with it and you’ll never have a problem getting things to match.

If you’re interested in seeing the things we have registered for, feel free to take a look!

Bed Bath & Beyond    Target   Wayfair   ZOLA

Zola and Wayfair have been the best to work with and we have loved all the items they provide! With organization, it has been the easiest to pick out each item from their various categories and making sure you’re getting something from each.

There are a lot of repeat items on our registries because I noticed each site selling the same items for different prices so I wanted those who care about saving money and if they’re wanting to go through and pick the best priced item on whatever site, they could.

Nathan and I are so excited to finish adding items to our registries. It has been so fun already receiving items from people. I really didn’t think people would actually look at our registries but boy was I wrong! Lol!

Happy Friday everyone!

Here’s a link to our wedding website for those who have been asking to see it!




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