Time To Find A Home

Nathan and I are currently on the hunt for our first place as a married couple! It’s a fun and crazy time as we look for our many options.

We have found that this is definitely the most fun process for us! It gets us excited for life together and what’s in store for our future. Yes, we know it will be more than excitement and a lot of stress when it comes to bills and just being adults but we can’t wait. It’s a little glimpse into what it will look like being together and getting to start our own traditions as a married couple and preparing to start our own family.

Yesterday as Nathan and I left this apartment complex, he got very real with me. He isn’t normally the type to get emotional but as I was talking to him I just looked at him in the eyes and saw him tear up a little bit. He just explained to me how excited he is. We’re incredibly thankful and so blessed to be able to do this together at this time of our lives. Not a day goes by that we aren’t thankful for everything God has provided and given us clarity about.

As we go through these different apartment complexes, we’re paying attention to every little detail. What will be the best functionality, have the best space, the greater closet size ;), cabinet and counter space, etc. Will an apartment be perfect? No, but we want to make sure we make the best decision as this will be where we stay for at least a year as we save up for a house.

What do we choose? One bedroom or two bedroom? Well, we’ve decided that’s solely based on the pricing difference for what comes available in January. If a two bedroom is slightly higher than the price of a one bedroom, we will for sure be going with a two bedroom. Plus we will no doubt love to have that extra closet space… hehe 😉

As of now we are pretty much set on one apartment complex but will be keeping an eye out for other options. With this specific place, it has a great location near the highway for easy access for us during the week for work. That was a pretty important thing for us. Nathan travels all over the state of Georgia and highway access for him is pretty much a necessity. As for me, it’s definitely a great thing as I commute to work every morning and make my way to the square.

Do you guys have any tips for us as we go on the hunt for our first place? We’re open to many tips, tricks and suggestions!

I can’t wait to share more with you guys as we continue to go through this process!

*The photos below are the living space of one of the apartments we checked out yesterday. It was for sure one of our favorites we have looked at in terms of floor plans. Definitely liking the size of a two bedroom!





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