We Opened Our Business!

Remember a few months back when I said that I would soon have an exciting announcement to make? Well, it’s officially time and something we have already shared with our family and friends. My mom and I started back up her floral business!

Before my mom and dad had kids, they had a flower shop. My mom was a florist and it was something she loved doing! There were many family members involved with the business. Once my mom started having kids and mainly after having me, she decided she wanted to close the shop so she could be a parent. She always said that she has many opportunities to own a business but only one opportunity to be a parent.

For the last 10 years or so, my mom would do friends and family’s flowers for weddings and anything she was asked to do just on the side for fun. I always loved helping her with everything and being able to make bridal bouquets was my absolute favorite! I loved dropping off flowers and seeing how much the bride loved how things turned out. I pretty much grew up in the wedding business and when I got the opportunity to work fully as a wedding coordinator, I was delighted to join the team!

Things have grown and my love for the whole wedding business has become a new thing for me and starting up the floral business was something I really wanted to do with my mom. We thought we may as well just open it up and see what comes along with it! We have a few weddings booked for this year already and I am so excited to be a mother and daughter duo.

We hope many of you support us and are just as excited for us! We have had such positive feedback already from friends and family and it makes us so happy.

Here’s to new adventures!



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