Wedding Cake Ideas

One thing I have been struggling with a ton is our wedding cake. I love so many different designs of cake but honestly, it is one of my least concerns. I am not a huge cake person, unless it is the chocolate cake from Costco!! Y’all that cake is to die for… the different layers and the amazing chocolate pieces on top…. okay back to what really matters.

We haven’t done any cake tastings yet and will probably wait a while until we do. I have a few ideas that I may want to do to save some money on our cake.

What is your best tip for saving money on wedding cakes? There are so many different things I could do! I just have to figure out what is a bigger priority for us in terms of where our money will go for other vendors involving the wedding.

Let me know what ideas you have! I can’t wait to share with you what we end up doing about our cake!




3 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Ideas

  1. A great tip I read is to have a small-ish “cutting cake” that you can have beautifully decorated and displayed during your rehearsal, but then in your venue kitchen have just a sheet cake that can be cut and served to your guests. That why you’re not spending $$$ on a HUGE and fully decorated cake that needs to serve 120+ guests, but can still have something really beautiful for photos and the cake-cutting tradition! We opted to do cupcakes, and have a small single tier cake we cut ourselves which is also a fun option, since we then got to have 6 different flavors! Enjoy the cake tasting process 🙂 It’s the best part hah!

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