Valentine’s Day Anniversary

It’s Valentines Day! You know what that means? It’s officially my three year anniversary with Nathan. How crazy is that? Three whole years.

From high school until now, there has been a lot that has changed. Nothing but great changes. We have been so optimistic about our future together since the very beginning. We got serious extremely early on in our relationship. We trusted God’d plan for us and we could only hope that we were doing the right thing.

I have been so blessed to have such an incredible man come into my life. He is so hard working. He does everything he can for other people and always puts himself last. He is so encouraging. He wants the best for everyone, always. He loves God and he always makes sure we get to church every Sunday. Nathan always takes care of me. Whether I am sick, or feeling just fine he will make sure I am happy and feeling good. Going totally out of his way to get me what I am craving!! Sometimes I feel like I fail as a fiancé. Nathan is just so good to me and I feel like I don’t deserve everything he does for me.

I can’t wait for our future together. I can’t wait to serve him. I can’t wait to go to sleep with him every night. I can’t wait to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for him. I can’t wait to forever be by his side and call him my husband.

I have a feeling that this year will be the most exciting year yet. Lot’s of wedding planning and getting ready to spend our lives together.

These last three years have been crazy but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.♡
Keep scrolling so I can share this beautiful lip color with you!








My Lip Color: 

I wanted to share with you guys this amazing lip product. Victoria sent me two different colors to try and this berry color is my favorite! I knew as soon as I saw it, it would be the one I wore on our special date night.

Lipsense is definitely a game changer for me. I couldn’t believe how long this product stayed on. I wore it Saturday night to try it out and it stayed on all night and when I woke up in the morning it was still there!

I love how easy it is to apply and I really love the Oops remover that she sent too! It helps make sure that the product is lined along your lips and looks perfect! I have been loving berry lips and this product is now my go to!

If you want to try out LipSense definitely reach out to Victoria! She is so incredibly sweet and sent me pictures of the different colors she had so I could pick the ones I loved! I love working with people who are so personable and know what they are doing. She knows her products for sure!

I have heard nothing but positive things about LipSense and now I know why. It was so good to try a great product and be able to say positive things about it too! The gloss has to be my favorite product and I love how great it makes my lips look!

I can’t wait to use this product from here on out!

You can find Victoria on Facebook and Instagram and see all of the products she has to share with you too!

Tell Victoria you came from my post 🙂

Facebook: @LippiesByVictoria

Instagram: @lippiesbyvictoria





3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Anniversary

  1. This is soooo!!!! Sweet! Congrats on the 3 year anniversary mark I wish you guys many more happy years together and all the best! I love seeing when someone can openly express their love for their partner, it is great!😊 Also beautiful photos, you guys make a lovely couple

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