Floral Inspiration

Just a few days ago my mom and I went to the flower house. This is one place I love to go to see what flowers are in and just admire everything and the beauty of each flower. I love how uniquely God created each one.

I have always loved flowers. My mom used to have her own flower shop and I think that’s where my love for flowers came from. Shortly after I was born my mom closed her shop to be able to spend more time with her kids. She always said she has one chance to be a mom but many chances to be a business owner. She did what she thought was best and closed the shop.

Growing up she still took every chance she got to do flowers for family friends and quite a few weddings here and there the last few years. I started helping her more and more the older I got. Quickly I had a feeling this is something I wanted to get involved with.

I am so blessed and excited that my mom will be doing the flowers for Nathan and I’s wedding! I will love that personal touch and mom’s love put into each floral piece.

So this trip to the flower house was our first look into what flowers we will be using at the wedding and what look we want to go for.

Lastly, there may be some exciting news announced here soon. Can anyone guess what it may be?















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