The Perfect Venue

My favorite part of planning a wedding is most definitely finding the dream venue. I think booking the venue is easily the best but most stressful part. I have always dreamed about my wedding and wanting it to be the most special day. I was so excited to start touring venues but I always had one in mind that I knew I wanted more than anything and that made looking at other venues extremely hard.

I figured that if I found a venue that was all around a perfect place, then I wouldn’t have to worry much about dećor because the setting would be just enough! Working in the wedding business has made it quite difficult to go somewhere without nit picking everything. I find myself doing that when I go to other weddings too!

Can you guess what venue we picked?!

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

This venue was one that I worked at a few months back and one I kept in mind. I loved the history of the building and how beautiful it was! It was definitely a dream being on the property. The photos are from the day I worked. The atrium is where the reception was held and it was so cute and once we had all the decor up it looked so dreamy. This was definitely a venue to keep in mind!



Little River Farms

This venue was one that I kept seeing pictures of and was obsessed. I loved the modern look of the reception space and the elegance of it. When I had the opportunity to work there I immediately took it! I was so anxious to see a space that I had only seen in pictures. I loved the reception space and the gazebo was really cute for the ceremony. I went back a few weeks later to tour with my mom and Nathan’s mom so they could see the venue too!



The Greystone Estate

Greystone was easily a venue in my top three. It is fairly close to home and I loved working with the owners. I had a good relationship with the husband and wife and that made me feel like it was definitely somewhere I wanted to hold our wedding because I knew I would be treated right. Words can’t express how much I love how different the venue is and its setting overlooking the mountains! It’s dreamy for sure!!






Foxhall Resort

Legacy Lookout is one of the venue locations on site. I loved how many people the venue could hold and everything about the building. It was a rustic elegance and I really loved the look! The beams in the reception area were a selling point for me!



The Stables have a history to them and that’s something I loved. This is where the horses from the 1996 olympics came and trained! How cool! A few years ago the building was renovated and made into an event venue. I loved the wood floors and the shiplap throughout the building! I really liked that there was a back up spot to hold a ceremony if the weather were to change. The outside arbor is my favorite! There is something so elegant about this beautiful venue!







I kept telling myself through out this process that I wouldn’t lose sight on what this is all really about. Our covenant with God. We can all easily lose sight and get overwhelmed with planning a wedding. It really makes me sad that having a wedding is all about the money. Who can spend the most money on a single day. Is it special? Yes. But forgetting what this is all really about has happened a few times and I have to reel myself in.

I really can’t wait to marry this man of mine and I am so excited that we officially have a venue booked and a date set! I’m ready for this phase of life and letting God’s love shine through us!

Comment below and let me know what venue you think we picked!


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