Wedding Dress Shopping!

I am not the type of person to keep everything hush hush. Especially when it’s about something so exciting! I wanted to share this journey with everyone! Obviously when I get my dress I won’t share it all over the place but since this was our first dress shopping experience, I thought I would bring you along!

I didn’t plan on trying on dresses for a while because I knew once I did, I wouldn’t want to stop. And because we have a while before our wedding, I don’t want to start too much too quick. There’s a lot I want to wait to do so I don’t have everything done with many months left before the big day.

Being the one trying on dresses is a whole new experience. It’s a lot more stressful than I thought! Trying to find the perfect dress makes you a little crazy. I found myself picking out little things that I normally wouldn’t. I have gone with many people to watch them try on their dresses and I am telling you I cried when they came out with each dress on! Ugh why am I so emotional?

Putting on a wedding dress was something I always dreamed of. Now here I am trying on dresses to marry the most wonderful man I know.

We went to Anya Bridal in Atlanta. The main reason we were there was to try on our bridesmaid dresses for the wedding that I am in next August! While we were there we thought why not just try on a few gowns? Also Nathan’s sister had an appointment for the same day just a few hours later and she ended up saying yes to the dress! It was so exciting being able to be there when she found her dream dress.

Since it was my first outing I wanted to try a little bit of everything. Every style you could think of! Sleeves, strapless, mermaid, satin, lace, etc. I have a feeling finding the perfect dress will be a lot harder than I imagined! I just love everything!

I hope that from here on out I can figure out what I really love and what I want. Anything that I thought I liked, I ended up not liking. Weird how that works.

One thing I do love, is bling! I found myself gravitating towards the gowns that had some sparkle on them! The dresses I really loved I didn’t add any photos of. I want to keep the style I pick a secret 🙂

We also were able to pick out my wedding colors and the colors of my bridesmaids dresses and the groomsmen’s attire! I have gone back and fourth about what I wanted to do for colors and I can say I am 100% satisfied with what I chose!

I loved watching my mom as I was trying on dresses. As I was walking into the dressing room she just started to cry. Her baby girl is growing up and I know she’s so sad to let me go but so happy for this time in my life. I love having her by my side through everything. & when she cries while I’m trying dresses on, I’ll know it’s the one.

I would suggest everyone who lives in the Atlanta area to go to Anya when in the hunt for your perfect dress. They have a ton of dresses to choose from and you can always count of having the sweetest person there to help.

I had a ton of fun and loved having some really sweet people with me while I was trying on these beautiful gowns! I am beyond blessed and so incredibly thankful to be able to experience all of this.












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