Let The Planning Begin!

I am so excited to be sharing this exciting time in my life with everyone! I knew I wanted to document everything for those who are interested in seeing this adventure and for my own personal reference that I can look back on! Just a few years ago, my family was planning my sisters wedding and I just remember how much fun it was. I can’t wait to really get in full planning mode! This is something I don’t want to forget and I hope you guys enjoy the ride!

With that being said, each post will be in different categories. Right now we are visiting venues. So I may post each time we visit a venue or I will just gather each venue into one post so you can see where we visited and what we ended up going with. I know I will more than likely change my mind about how it will all be set up but I promise I will share as much as possible!

I have already made my bridesmaid gifts for when I ask the girls to be my bridesmaids! I will have a separate post showing what I did to make them and the things I used. 🙂

Keep an eye out for new posts with all things to do with our wedding!


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