We’re Engaged!

I can’t believe we’re engaged!! I keep looking down at my hand and keep forgetting it’s real. It’s a day I have been really anxious for and now that is has happened, I am so happy.

I honestly wasn’t expecting anything to happen. After church I went to my friend Rachel’s house and after that I met up with Sarah to take pictures of her and Reid. Well little did I now that was just a coverup for the proposal! We went and got our nails done because she wanted her nails to look good for pictures. Well I guess they just wanted my nails to look good for pictures! After our nail date we headed to Starbucks of course.

I was really quiet and to myself and I really feel bad now looking back because Sarah and her friend Maddie were doing all they could to make sure I was surprised and they knew what was about to happen.

When we arrived to Kennesaw Mountain we had a long walk from the parking lot til we made it to the building to meet with Reid who was in uniform and looked extremely handsome and I knew their photos were going to look great! Well as we started walking through the field Sarah ended up taking my camera from me and was “practicing” taking pictures. As we started getting further in the field and closer to the trees I saw a blanket laid out and remember saying that would be a good prop for us to use if someone left it there!

As we made our way closer I suddenly saw Nathan walk out from behind a tree with roses in his hand. In that moment I knew exactly what was about to happen. And it finally made sense why he wasn’t talking to me all day after I left him after church! I couldn’t be too upset anymore!

I set down my purse and my Starbucks drink and made my way to Nathan. He handed me the flowers, gave me a hug and started saying the sweetest things to me. (Which we both can’t even remember) At that moment, I was the happiest and most emotional girl in the world. When he got down on his knee it all suddenly became so real. Hearing those words is the most incredible thing. I was so ecstatic to say yes!!

After he put the ring on my finger and gave me a hug I remember hearing cheering in the background and turning around to see both of our families walking our way. I am so happy everyone was there to experience this moment in our lives. And I am so thankful for Sarah and helping him pull it all off so last minute!!

Why was it pulled off so last minute you may be asking? Well… our “family only” trip to Tennessee made me really suspicious that he wasn’t allowed to go.. because normally he’s invited everywhere we go. I just had a feeling something was off and kept telling my friends I had a feeling that he would be proposing while we were there. Well turns out, I was right. I hate how I find out everything and that I am never surprised with anything because I ruin it for myself in the long run. So Nathan made plan b.

He did really great for something so last minute!! I think he’s happy it’s over so he can finally rest and not be so anxious for it! I can’t wait for both of families to be in Tennessee next weekend to celebrate together! What an exciting time in our lives!! Morgan (his sister) is getting married next October so we really get to plan together!

I’m excited for this next step in our lives and excited to see what else will come! Oh how I love this man.

See our proposal video here !!
























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