Halloween 2016

October is officially over! For Halloween we never make any plans to do anything and this year I knew I wanted to do something but didn’t know what. Last year Nathan had to work on Halloween so I just stayed in with Emily and did something fun with her. I didn’t realize how fast Halloween came. I have been so busy with school and work and I just didn’t think anything of it. We even got a pumpkin when we went to Burt’s Farm but didn’t carve it until last night! So as you can tell by these pictures, we got really creative! (not) We found this outfit for Sadie a few weeks ago at Target and thought she would be so cute in it and the day before Halloween I threw together this outfit for me and made it a “costume”. (A few football fans and a *ruff*aree!)

It was fun to just throw this together and take a few pictures. We ended up going to my sisters in laws house and hanging out there for a little bit because no one ever comes to our house on Halloween. We live on a street with just a few houses so it never gets busy at our house.

I have told myself that next year we will actually get creative and put some real costumes together! But this was still just enough for us!

Sadies face says it all. This is what it’s really like trying to get your pup to pose for a picture! dsc_0587






I love these two so much!




Avery came home from work soon before we were going to leave and she wanted to dress up somehow so she just threw on some Hawks gear she had and off we went.


This is just the beginning of us trying to get a picture of one of us hiking the ball without it looking inappropriate. Haha!







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