My Go To Updo

Hey guys! I’m sorry it has been so long since I last posted! I have been so busy with school and work and I must admit, my lack of inspiration or motivation to post. But no worries, I’m back with a new hair post!

I wanted to finally show you how I get this simple up-do that anyone could do. I typically do this when I have second or third day hair that hasn’t been washed but I have been using dry shampoo. I think that it helps hold the hair. The one thing that I will say is I have much thicker hair than most so if you’re going to try this out remember that it may not look exactly they same or as full and thick as mine.

Let’s get started!

Like I said previously, I am doing this look with third day hair. And this is my natural hair too! Crazy, right? I could really use a hair cut and touch ups on color! Haha!


What you want to do that may be a little tricky for those who don’t normally braid hair is doing an inverted braid. I call it a dutch braid. So instead of taking the sections over each other, you take them and go under. You can look up on YouTube the best tutorial for a dutch braid! I took my hair and sectioned it down the middle into two parts and started braiding on the right side of my head.


Just continue to pull pieces from both sides of the braid and add them in.


I am reaching the last few pieces on the right side of my head and adding them to the braid. Once you have grabbed the last few pieces of the first half of your head you’re going to continue to braid your hair regularly all the way to the bottom.


Now secure it with an elastic!


Once you secure it at the bottom you’re going to go back to the top of your braid and pull at each loop you could say to give your braid a fuller look. This is really great for those of you who have thinner hair but want to have a thicker look to your braid.


Now I am going to repeat the same steps to the other side!


Once you finish with braiding the other side and finishing it off with an elastic you’re going to take each braid and simply tie them in a knot.


It may be tricky to tie but make sure when you do, you pull them tightly together!


The beauty of an updo is that they’re so simple and they don’t have to be perfectly together so this is perfect. My best advice is to pull the two braids tightly together and then tuck the ends of your hair into each side and secure with a bobby pin!


Use as many bobby pins that you may need to make sure your hair is nice and secure!


Just play with your hair and figure out what you like best and how secure it is. I love the simplicity of just being able to tie these in a knot and bobby pinning them and then you’re all done!


Here is the completed look! It’s seriously so easy and so quick. Anyone can do this!


I hope this was helpful for those who have asked me to do this look! It’s simple and quick and that’s the beauty of an updo!

Leave a comment on what you would want to see from me next!


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