Fall Sign Decor DIY

The last few weeks I have been wanting to put up a new DIY but I just couldn’t think of anything I would want to do. Well, I was walking through Target the other day and I didn’t think I was going to buy anything but right as I walked in I went straight to the dollar section and saw so many cute things! When I found all the fall nicknacks I knew I had to put something together! Target, why do I always find things I love?!

I took some basic things and put together the cutest little door sign! Really you could use this for so many different things. It’s just what you think would look best!

I hope you enjoy this super easy and quick DIY I put together using items that are all under three dollars!

Stencils 2 for $6.00

Wood Piece $3.00

Ribbon $1.00

Paint $2.49

dsc_0033These adhesive letters and leaves I purchased were so cute and I couldn’t resist buying them! The wood piece was $3 and was the perfect size for the sign I wanted to make. dsc_0035I went through the craft section and got this rose gold paint that I will use to paint the sign with!dsc_0039This string was perfect for the sign and so cute too! dsc_0042I used a foam bowl to pour my paint in. It was something I found at home that would be so easy for clean up and perfect to use. dsc_0045I actually ended up flipping the wood piece over and painting the back of it instead of painting over the blue side. dsc_0050I found that using small strokes and blending out the paint worked best. I would’ve preferred to use a foam brush over this actual paint brush but it did the job and served its purpose. dsc_0067It took me a while to figure out what design I wanted to make and which adhesives I wanted to use and of course the glitter was the one to catch my eye! dsc_0091It didn’t take long for the paint to dry so after 30 minutes or so I was ready to start decorating!dsc_0101When I realized these letters and pieces had adhesives on the back of them I decided not to use any glue but if you’re afraid of the pieces falling off go ahead and use some glue to really stick the pieces into place!dsc_0105The hardest part was trying to straighten every letter into a straight line. I am the most OCD person and if the letters weren’t perfectly aligned I had to start over! So just try your best so align it all just right! dsc_0126How cute is this?! You could just leave it like this and be done. Super simple, but I wanted to add more! dsc_0127

dsc_0128I added the leaves and the little pumpkin and I was good to go! After applying each piece you can then go in and apply your string to hand the sign. dsc_0131



This was seriously one of the easiest things I have ever done and it turned out so adorable! Get creative with it! Enjoy these fall months coming up and drink all the pumpkin spice lattes you can! I love the fall time and I love being able to get creative!






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