Fried Egg in a Basket

I finally put together a recipe post! I have been really hesitant about making one but I was able to have the help of my sister. I wanted to do something super simple that doesn’t take much work and is something everyone has! Eggs and bread!

I have never been a huge breakfast eater and I tend to skip breakfast a lot. I don’t have the biggest appetite in the morning but when I need a little bit of something this tends to be my go to food. I love the simplicity of eggs and toast but with this we made it with a little spin to it. I think it’s so easy!


dsc_0057Start with a buttered pandsc_0058You could use really any type of bread you want! Get fancy with it! We just used the honey wheat bread we had in the pantry.dsc_0066This part is fun! Take any cup you can find to make a hole in the piece of bread. We first used a glass cup but the hole was too big and ended up using a skinnier water bottle. dsc_0067Rotate your cup or bottle and make a hole! dsc_0068

dsc_0069After you place it on the pan let it sit for about a minute to toastdsc_0073Now crack your egg in the center of the holedsc_0074

dsc_0076Let this cook for about a minute on this side and then flip it over. It really just depends on your preference and how you like your eggs cooked. dsc_0078Finish it off with some salt..dsc_0077…and pepper!dsc_0079The egg was perfectly fried and the bread is toasted just right! dsc_0082

Now cut open and enjoy! You can add a side of your favorite fresh fruit as well!




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