Curly Hair Routine

I have had a ton of people ask me about how I curl my hair. Sounds crazy right? Seems like curing hair is such a no brainer but surprisingly it’s not! There’s so many different curls you can achieve based on which technique you use to curl your hair. I decided to go ahead and make a post for those who have been asking and for others and a future reference!

You will notice that I don’t wrap my hair around the curling iron like you would with a wand. So keep that in mind because that will give you a different look.

Nathan and I were headed off to a concert and while I was getting ready I knew I needed to take advantage of me doing my hair for the first time in weeks! I worked a wedding the previous night so I had my hair straight for that. I really prefer to curl my hair when it’s straight because I have naturally wavy hair and don’t like the look of the waves showing near my head if I don’t straighten it before curling it! So my curls were done on second day hair which is usually better to help hold the curls.

I have pictures of the process and you can go ahead and scroll through the photos and explain how it’s done!

I am using a 1 1/4 inch curling iron.


dsc_0096Take a two inch piece of hairdsc_0099Start the curling iron at the middle of the piece of hairdsc_0101Make sure you turn your curling iron away from your facedsc_0102And curl it all the way up! dsc_0103Leave it sit for a few secondsdsc_0106When you release it you will have a ringlet curldsc_0110Once you have curled your entire head you will have tight curls like these. Don’t worry though because they wont be staying like this. I will usually do my makeup and let the curls sit for a bit. dsc_0120



dsc_0133For the concert I did the same makeup look that I have already done a post about! Just switched up a few colors in the Tartelette palette to achieve a slightly darker look! I am also using my Kylie Jenner lip kit here. dsc_0148After I have finished up my makeup I take my dry shampoo and spray it all over the root of my hair. This helps achieve a little volume and gets rid of some oily strands you may have if you’re curling your hair on second day hair! I just absolutely love this Batiste dry shampoo I have been using for so long now. No other dry shampoo compares!

If you skip the step of dry shampoo that’s totally fine! Now what I do is take a wide tooth comb and comb out my curls! This gives it the relaxed look I am always going for.

Once you have done that go ahead and spray in your hairspray so your hair stays nice and locked in for the day! Luckily I never have to use hairspray because the texture of my hair just holds everything so nicely and will hold for days!



dsc_0192My necklace is from Charming Charlie’sdsc_0208


If you have any questions about anything feel free to leave a comment below! I had such a fun time putting this post together and I hope this helped explain the way I achieve my curls! I haven’t changed up this look at all since about a year ago.

Go ahead and also leave a comment if you have any post ideas in mind for me to do!



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