Happy 1st Birthday Luke

Today Luke turns one! It honestly feels like just yesterday we were all in the hospital waiting for his arrival. Watching Brooke go through those three hard days of labor really hurt me on the inside as her sister. I know how draining it was but she handled it really well. She is so incredibly strong!

I remember Luke being rolled out of the operation room after Brooke’s C-Section and just how adorable he was. That’s when the tears started flowing. The anticipation of him being here after nine months finally hit.

Watching Brooke raise him makes me so proud. She’s the best mom to Luke and I know she’s going to be even more amazing when Lily is born.

I think the best part about being an aunt is getting to spoil him so much. I love him like he is my own!

Luke’s Party:

The theme for Luke’s birthday was Mickey Mouse Club House! Brooke had the most adorable decorations set and did everything so perfectly. I will say that the one thing we had go wrong was our famous punch! 😦 We planned on making it the night before but we realized we didn’t have all the ingredients needed to make it and by the time we did it was too late to go to the store. So the morning of the party we made the punch and set it in the freezer but it never froze in time. It was such a bummer!

The party went great and Luke loved having all his friends there to play with him! When it came time to doing the cake smash Luke just didn’t want to get dirty. He put his hands in the icing but not much more than that! Maybe he just didn’t want to ruin his moms masterpiece that she made! Haha!

Celebrating this baby boy was so great!


DSC_0025Brooke made all the cupcakes herself! The icing was her home made buttercream and for decoration we used red sprinkles on top and oreo cookies as Mickey ears.DSC_0039Aunt Clarissa made these cute Mickey ears out of poster board paper!DSC_0069DSC_0073DSC_0076DSC_0078Here’s some of the snacks we had! We still had mac and cheese in the oven and pork being smoked when I took this photo. The smoked pork was definitely a hit! DSC_0119DSC_0163DSC_0167DSC_0184Clay had to push Luke’s hands into the cake because Luke just didn’t want to get dirty! DSC_0223DSC_0243We filled up Luke’s baby pool and he enjoyed it for the remainder of the night! He loves daddy’s kisses.DSC_0295


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