Let’s Go To The Beach

I have gone to Ocean Isle for the last three years with Nathan’s family. They have been going for about 10 years now and it’s the one thing they all look forward to each year! The first year I was invited, Nathan and I were only dating for about 4 or 5 months. This was the first vacation I was going to take with his family and I was so excited to create new memories with so many great people! This year was just as exciting. Nathan and I drove towards Myrtle Beach and explored a new area we have never been. There were a bunch of cute shops we went in and even enjoyed lunch together! The years before this we went to the tourist part of Myrtle and did some fun things there but we mixed it up a bit this year. I love venturing out and doing new things. I know years to come there are more things I would still love to go see!

This year I somehow managed to burn the back of my legs worse than ever before. I guess when you’re so into playing corn hole, frisbee and all the other things we did, you forget to apply sunscreen and think you’ll be just fine! I should’ve learned from previous years to constantly apply..

I wish I was back at the beach soaking in the sun. But looks like I will be waiting until next year!

IMG_6280_FotorIMG_6244_FotorThe boys took every chance they could to go fishing! DSC_0014_FotorWhile walking at Barefoot Landing we found some fish food and fed the fish. There were huge coy fish in there! 13558921_10206658723607367_8047496104900605984_oDSC_0043DSC_0040The lake outside Barefoot Landing was our favorite!Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7_FotorI ordered this bathing suit top off of Amazon and I got so many compliments on it! Definitely one of my favorite bathing suit tops I have purchased for summer time! There were matching bottoms with the same design but they ended up being more cheeky than I would’ve liked! lol so I just paired the top with some bottoms I bought from Target. My sunglasses are Ray-BanDSC_0121Each year the family takes pictures on the beach with everyone matching. This year the colors were red and white. Clearly Nathan didn’t get the white memo! Haha! He still looked super cute!


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