Baby Shower

Another year, another baby shower! We are so excited to welcome Lily in July. I was really happy when I found out that my sister was pregnant again and this time with a girl! I knew planning this baby shower would be so much fun. I didn’t want to go all out again like I did for Luke’s baby shower so I just kept it simple. I decorated with lots of flowers! It was so beautiful and added so much color. The gold chargers were my absolute favorite. The cake was made by Brooke! She has been making cakes for people as a hobby lately so I just had to have her make one for the shower! It turned out so cute! I was so thankful for everyone that came! We really had a great time together and it was good for everyone to see Brooke and Luke. I hate that they live so far but seeing everyone come together to make sure they stopped by to say hi and give their warm wishes, it made me really happy. I’d say this was a successful shower!

Lily’s due date can’t come fast enough!


DSC_0267_FotorThe punch is a drink our family makes for every holiday! I’ll have to share a recipe with you!DSC_0260_Fotor

DSC_0256_FotorI knew I had to use these gold chargers we had at home! It was the perfect touch for decor! We used pretty glass bowls and plates for the food and just set those on top of the chargers. DSC_0259_FotorThe pink and purple hydrangeas were from our yard! We have several hydrangea plants in the back. The morning of the shower I went out and cut off a few stems.  DSC_0294_FotorThe embroidered onesie and bib were made by our sweet friend Yvonne! She makes all sorts of adorable things! She owns her own embroidery business. You can find her on Facebook. The Stitching HoleDSC_0463_Fotor


DSC_0255_FotorFor Luke’s baby shower Clarissa made a really adorable canvas for his room so she decided to do another for Lily so she didn’t feel left out. ♡

Chalk board was purchased from Hobby Lobby.


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