We’re All Registered!

We’re All Registered!

You know how in movies where engaged couples go to Macy's and take the scanner to everything in the store as if they're playing a shooting game? Well that's what I thought registering for our home items would be like. Unfortunately that wasn't the case! Nathan and I have been working together on our registries [...]


Time To Find A Home

Nathan and I are currently on the hunt for our first place as a married couple! It's a fun and crazy time as we look for our many options. We have found that this is definitely the most fun process for us! It gets us excited for life together and what's in store for our [...]

I’m Back!

Remember in my last post I talked about how bad I was slacking? Well, looks like I slacked to another level for the last three months. Life happened. With so much going on I lost what I was passionate about. Life has been so crazy busy and I can't even begin to tell you what [...]

Dainty Necklaces

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I wanted to share a post with you about something I truly love. I met a sweet girl named Alyssa who has her own Etsy shop with the most amazing simple pieces of jewelry. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I almost always have on jewelry. Whether it's my Swarovski necklace [...]